15 in-demand employers worth struggling to work for

All the job seekers we have an important announcement for you. Your job trials should be directed towards finding a place in one of these top sought-after companies. Here is the list of top companies to work for across the globe.

  1. Google: First in the list comes Google, headquartered at Mountain View in CA, USA. The company has 50 thousand employees and deals in Python, Distributed Systems, and Algorithms.
  2. Apple: Followed by Google is Apple. The company is placed at Cupertino in CA in America and employs 83 thousand people. It deals with iLife, iOS and iWork.
  3. Unilever: The company is headquartered in London, UK and employs nearly sixty thousand people. It is specialized in FMCG, Trade Marketing and Consumer Products.
  4. Microsoft: This tech giant has its headquarters in Redmond, WA, America and employs 1, 13, 000 people. It deals in Software enterprise, Cloud Computing and Windows Azure.
  5. Facebook: Facebook has its headquarters in Palo Alto, CA, America and employs nearly 7 thousand people.  The company is specialized in Python, Distributed Systems and Algorithms.
  6. Amazon: Amazon is headquartered at Seattle, WA in US and employs nearly 50 thousand people. It functions in the areas of Distributed Systems, Software and Scalability Development.
  7.  Procter & Gamble: Procter & Gamble’s headquarters is in Cincinnati, OH, America. The company employs nearly 66 thousand people and deals in the areas of Consumer Products, Shopper Marketing and FMCG.
  8. GE: GE has its headquarters at Fairfield, CT in USA and has fifty six thousand employees. It functions in the areas of Six Sigma, Engineering and Gas Turbines.
  9. Nestle:Nestle has its headquarters in Vevey in Switzerland. The company employs nearly 68 thousand people and is specialized in FMCG, Food and Trade Marketing Industries.
  10. PepsiCo: The company has its headquarters at Purchase, NY in USA and has nearly seventy-one thousand employees. It deals in Consumer Products, Direct Store Delivery and FMCG.
  11. Johnson & Johnson: The company has headquarters at New Brunswick, NJ in USA and employs nearly 52 thousand people. It is specialized in Medical Devices, FDA and Pharmaceutical Industry.
  12. Shell: Shell has its headquarters at The Hague in Netherland and has nearly 77 thousand employees. The company deals in Upstream, oil, gas and petroleum industries.
  13. Mc Kinsey & Company: The company’s headquarters is placed at New York, NY in USA. The company has nearly 20 thousand employees and deals in Management Consulting, Financial Modeling and Market Entry.
  14. The Walt Disney Company:Headquartered in Burbank, CA in USA the company employs 25 thousand people and is specialized in Film, Entertainment and Television.
  15. BP: The company has its headquarters at London, UK and it has an employment force of sixty thousand people. The company deals in Upstream, Petroleum, and Oil/Gas.

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