15 High Paying IT Professions of 2018

Tech jobs come with two sides…whilst at the one side they are lucrative and on the other side they are bit unreliable. However, the coming year seems to be good for technology jobs. Spiceworks, has come out with latest IT trends for 2018 and here is the list of top paying technology jobs in 2018.

Chief (digital) Information Officer (CIO):

It isn’t any wonder, the person who holds top place in the IT organization hierarchy is generally the maximum paid. The CIO is expected to take maximum $170,500 and minimum $287,000, whilst the median salary is around $202,500.

15 high paying IT professions of 2018Photo Credit: www.informationweek.com

 Chief Technology Officer (CTO):

 Apart from CIOs C-level employees are even amongst the list of expected finest paid. For instance, CTOs are expected to take home around $145,000 to $248,000. And the mid-range people in this stream can easily anticipate $175,000. Whilst the same chief technology officer in 2016 took between $149,000-$240,000.

Chief Security Officer (CSO):

The increasing online threats and cyberattacks added demand for these people. They will easily get around $143,250 to $241,000, and the median will be $170,000 in the coming year.

Vice President (VP)- Information Technology (IT):

Going down the ladder, the next best pay getter at the 4th position will be VP of IT. They can easily expect to get around $137,000 to $231,000 and the median pay will be $163,000. However, this figure is a bit reduction from 2017 as it was about $143,250-$234,250 in the stated year.

Big Data Engineer:

As per this study, 67% of tech employees stated that their biggest contribution to hiring was from cloud, digital marketing, mobile & big data platforms, so it is befitting to state that the 1st non-management employees on the given list turns out to be big data engineers. Specialists with this label will supposedly be earning around $126,250 to $212,500 in the coming year, whilst the median income will be at $150,000.

Director of Technology:

This position at 6th comes from management side and the ones here are expected to get somewhere around $118,750 to $199,750 in the coming year. The persons in this segment with mid-range experience will grab $141,000.

Mobile App Developer:

Mobile application developers since 5 to 6 years have always been highly demanded and the same will continue for the following year. A package between $118,750 to $199,750 is what they can easily take away. The median package for the same profile will be at $141,000, the takeaway is mobile apps developers will continue to be the highly paid irrespective of the role and designation they possess.

Director- Consulting & Systems Integration:

The system integrators and directors of consulting firms can get a pay between $117,000 to $197,000 in 2018, the median salary will be $139,000, in comparison to last year and this year the expected salary is less, however it is still in the top paying IT jobs.

Manager-Information Systems Security:

This is yet one more security-related job that is at 9th position and that can be relied upon for the coming year. The salary will be around $115,250 to $194,250 in the forthcoming year, whilst the median income will stand at $137,000.

Network Architect:

Most of the IT jobs that carry the term ‘architect’ are found in first 15 high paying IT jobs in the next year, and the network architects aren’t exception. Their income will maximum be $112,750 to $190,000, whilst the median pay will be $134,000.

Applications Architect:

These will even be on par with the above ones. On line with the theme of big data, these architects too will be well compensated. The pay for them will be around $110,000 to $184,000 for the coming year, the median pay is forecasted at $130,000.

Data Architect:

Again the same big data came into play here and these architects are even the highly. The pay will range around $110,000 & $184,000, whilst the median pay is expected to be $130,000.

Database Manager:

They are very vital for big data advantages and will take away between $107,000 to $180,000 as their income in 2018, whilst it will be $127,000 at the median level.

Senior IT Auditor:

Senior IT auditors will probably get maximum of $107,000 and minimum 180,000 for 2018 and the median pay will be $127,000.

Application Development Manager:

They are the last ones in the list and in coming year they are supposed to take away around $105,250 to $177,000 and the median scale will be $125,000.

Thus these are the expected top paid IT professionals of 2018.

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