14 workplace rules to live by for any employee

There are certain appropriate office behavior rules which everyone has to follow to be successful in the career. Following them will easily land you in a success zone. Here we go with the work rules that can be avoided in the workplace only at your own turmoil….

1) Never allow the work to take a toll on you. One best good office behavior is to always be cool and stable. This will help you to deal successfully with your boss and the team members.

2) Always keep control of your tongue, no matter whatever your mood is. Anything can be taken back but not your words. So use the words with utmost care, so that your relations don’t get spoil.

3) Success and failure are common. Never let success go to your head or failure to bring you down. Be rock solid in all the situations.

4) You, be your motivator, you need not rely on others to get motivated. Always remember the best work always comes from self-motivation and all the successful people have self-motivation as a mandated rule.

5) If there is one thing that is not perfect in this world, i.e. ‘perfectionism.” Accept this truth, doing wrongs by taking risks and learning new things is not a mistake at all.

6) Never get too close to your colleagues. Here, it does not mean you should be a touch me not plant, it only means you should know your limits. Draw a thin line of separation between being too close and not being close.

7) Always evaluate yourself, be the first one to gauge the work and don’t wait till someone else points out at your mistakes. Know if it is up to the satisfactory levels or not.

8) Never be an ass in working instead be a horse….do it neatly and swiftly and enjoy the rest of the hours recreating. Recreation and smart work always give good results in comparison to continuous works that spread for long durations.

9) Always have guts to accept the faults done by you. Ask for a sincere excuse and promise that you will not be doing the same mistake in the future.

10) There is always something to learn from the past mistakes. Be it yours or from someone else. Mistakes give a learning platform.

11) Gossips are no use to anyone. Neither can they do well to you nor your co-fellows. Avoid gossips for better work environment.

12) Being sarcastic and negative regarding your job is dead easy. But the best work is bound to happen only when you are happy and optimistic about your current profile.

13) There is a difference between hardly working and working hard. Irrespective of the number of hours you are supposed to work always try to be in the later sect.

14) Respect your deadlines and commitments. No matter if it is to the boss or your client or for that matter for your colleagues, make sure you deliver the work before time as this is one of the most workplace rules for employees not to be neglected.

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