13 tips to organize your study room

A good study room enhances the performance of the child and provides him/her atmosphere much needed to excel in studies. But to make a good study room is not as easy as said. It requires much skill and care then alone we can make a perfect study room. Here are few tips and study room designs to make a good study room.

1) First thing to do without fail when making a study room is to see to that it has proper ventilation, a properly ventilated room gives more scope for concentration and also enables the child to study for longer durations without much strain.

2) The second thing to do without fail is to see to that it has a good amount of light. Make all efforts to at least fit two big windows in the study room wall. This will give enough light in the room and make the atmosphere bright. A bright light is the first mandate for good vision and a good vision will save the eyes from getting strained.

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3) The study room should have all the furniture and equipment needed for hassle-free studies. The study table and chair should be in good condition and should meet the height and need of the child.

4) Place a computer table separately; using a single table for both studying and placing the computer is not a good idea.

5) Have shelves built in wall to place the books and other study material if the study room is less spacious. In case you have good space in the study room use wooden cupboards that are available in the market.

6) See to that the shelves have good locking system so that the important files don’t go missing.

7) The study lamps should be apt for the table and also arrange them at proper length or else the eyes get strained.

8) The desk lamps should be placed at correct height and they should be flexible to increase and decrease the length accordingly.

9) The study room should be at such part of the house where there is no much outer disturbance such as sound pollution and other things.

10) The study room should have such colors that increase the concentration and decreases anxiety. Check the web and paint the walls of the study room with such colors that are pro-concentration.

11) It is also best to paint the walls using soundproof wall paints so that the room is noise free.

12) The flooring of the study room is also of vital importance. Always keep the floor neat and tidy. So, that you don’t fall sick due to allergens.

13) Last but not the least; the study room should be spacious enough to accommodate your needs and also the needs of your co-fellows in case you prefer combine studies.

Keep all these in view and make your study rooms, always remember a good study room is pre-condition for good results. So you got all the answers on how to set up study room.

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