12 time saving mantras for women

Time has become precious for all with increasing demands. This holds even better for women as they have to do a lot many works at home and also get ready for office in case they are working women. Along with these, they are also beauty conscious and their beauty regime needs more time in comparison to men. Saving time on makeup can be easy when you know which item is placed where. Actually keeping the daily essentials at a certain place daily without fail will make your work half done. Doing so will not only save your time but will also save you from last minute worry. Here are few tips and ways to get ready faster in the morning.

1) Hook shower curtain rings to hangers, doing so will help you in locating the scarves easily. This will save you from last minute worrying to search scarf. Scarves have become important for women as they help in protecting from dust and sun rays.

2) If you have the habit of using hairpins, place them in a box, so that you can easily find them and use them on the hair as quickly as that.

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3) Not only is placing the hairpins needed, you should also spray hair spray on them so that they don’t get stuck and can be easily taken.

4) Place some bags at the door backs and use them to keep purses, scarves and other daily material. This will save you from searching for each and every item kept at different places.

5) Don’t waste time in applying creams to ward off scars caused by using artificial jewellery. Instead, apply nail polish to the bottom of these ornaments.

6) One easy way to get your handkerchiefs ironed at last minute is to use flat iron that you use on your hair. It will easily give the effect of iron to handkerchiefs.

7) Place cotton pads in a compact box at a single place, doing so will keep them safe and give longer life.

8) We know it’s very hard to find the required key when it is in a bunch of keys, this will lead to wastage of time in already busy schedule, to avoid this panic paint each key in different color.

9) You can as well save time spent in removing stains from clothes, more importantly removing red wine stains is difficult but one simple time saving tip is to use white wine on red stain, this will easily remove stains caused due to red wine.

10) Don’t keep trying hard to deal with wrinkles on shoes, just apply Vaseline on the folds.

11) Use t-shirt in place of a towel to dry the hair, this will also dries up the hair in quick time and give you tangle free hair.

12) One easy way to keep the legs soft in quick time is to shave and apply olive oil next. Leave for some time and shave again.  Doing so will remove dead skin to the maximum.

So next time don’t ask how to get ready faster in the morning, just follow these and save your time.

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