12 essential kitchen tools for a perfect kitchen

Kitchen is where we cook sumptuous and healthy food. And culinary can be more easy and fun with some basic kitchen tools, here is the list of tools that should definitely find place in kitchen.

1) Nutcracker: We sometimes use nuts and seeds in cakes, desserts and sweets and this is where the nutcracker comes handy. It will make breaking of outer layer on the nuts and seeds easy for you. So invest in one or two good nutcrackers.

2) Can opener: Many of us overlook the use of can opener in kitchen. This small handy can opener makes it easy to open lids of many kinds such as sauce bottles, juice cans, and cool drinks.

3) Garlic press: Garlic has many health benefits and it is one indispensible herb in kitchen. Peeling garlic and separating garlic cloves will be easy when garlic press is used.

4) Knife sharpener: Knife is one essential kitchen tool which is most often used in kitchen. But at times knife goes blunt and it needs to be sharpened each time it goes blunt and when this situation arises many of us throw them away, instead sharpen the knife using a knife sharpener.

5) Magnetic knife holder: Knife is one item that has no particular place to be placed and people throw it here and there most of the time and waste time in searching it. To evade this situation buy a good magnetic knife holder. The magnate in this item helps the knife to hold to it and so it becomes easy for us to find it when we need.

6) Coconut grater: This is highly useful to grate coconut without which scraping coconut becomes extremely hard.

7) Rolling pin: One can as well prefer a marble rolling pin that has fancy looks, but a rolling pin made of wood is good though it looks old-fashioned. This is highly useful to roll biscuits, pie crust, and cookie dough or to beat intruders.

8) Colander: Both metal and plastic colanders are good. These are highly useful to drain anything starting from canned fruits to pastas and also veggies to chicken.

9) Whisk: This is highly useful to beat gravies, eggs, and sauces. It can either be made of plastic, metal or silicon.

10) Skillet: A small skillet is mandatory in every kitchen to frying onions, eggs, and peppers or to make crepes. While a bigger skillet is needed to add few other things to peppers and onions or to fry chicken. Even the larger ones can be used to make pancakes.

11) Toaster: This is one kitchen essential that needs no explanation but in case you constantly make bagels, prefer a thicker slot.

12) Cookie sheet: You can prefer for a cheaper aluminum cookie sheet, but their life is too short and they need to be replaced every now and then. So prefer a one that has protective coat, though they are expensive they have long life.

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