11 eating tips for teenagers to stay fit and strong

Teenage is a special age for all of us. This is the phase of life where everyone sees many changes both physically and mentally. And for this change to happen correctly and in positive way the food we eat at this age is very important as it has lot much to say. So be very careful with what you eat. If you are a parent then the below-stated things will act as guide for your teenage children. If you are a teenager then remember these things as life lessons for your healthy growth. Here we go with all the essential foods needed for teenagers and also correct eating habits to follow.

1) A good diet for teenagers should begin with oats. The best breakfast as a teenager you need to have is oats as these have high amounts of fiber and are also useful in giving the body the required amount of glucose levels.

2) Either you like or not you should have dry fruits and nuts. Take them each day a fistful without fail if you wish you should grow into a healthy youngster.

3) The worst eating habit for anyone is to eat as much as possible at a single time and forego the food for the rest of the day. This is actually the biggest mistake as it leads to ulcers and improper digestive timings. Eat throughout the day in small quantities. Spread your diet for 5 times in a day.

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4) As a teenager, you are always stressed out. The reasons might be many such as sudden mental and physical changes, your studies and your new way of living. For all these, the only way is to eat foods that are effective in fighting stress. Such foods are vegetables, green leafy vegetables and fruits. These are rich in vitamins, minerals, salts and also amino acids to fight stress naturally and effectively.

5) The Egg is what you should not miss out on any day unless you have some typical problem. Egg has amino acids, vitamin E and also good fats for overall growth.

6) It is always better to forego soft drinks and carbonated drinks as these can easily lead to obesity.

7) Teenage is an age of growth and so the body needs more calories and nutrients. Keep this in mind and plan your diet accordingly.

8) Eat 2 carrots daily without fail. Two carrots are all what you need per day to get beta keratin. Carrots also are high in fiber and antioxidants and so you are keeping your body away from many deadly cancers.

9) Keep eating 2 or 3 cloves of garlic daily. These will shape your body, increase digestion and also keep away throat infections that may arise due to smoking and other pollutants.

10) Dairy products and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are more important for you. Keep an eye on the foods that are rich in omega 3 and eat them.

11)  Stay away from junk foods both for health of now and also in future.

Follow these diet advice for teenagers and you will be a healthy teenager.

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