10 Mental Tricks to Lose Weight

So you’ve taken up the lose weight challenge upon yourself?! And there are so many ways you could do that- rigorous diet, exercising, detox and what not?! But did you know that overeating and stuffing yourself on calories has a lot to do with the mind too? Yes, hunger originates not in your stomach, but more in your mind. Try these mind tricks to lose weight instead.

Lose Weight Help: Mind Tricks to help lose weight

The Apple Trick

Next time you find yourself standing in front of the fridge “searching” for “something” to eat, check if you’re really hungry. Ask yourself whether you would like to have an apple- if the answer is yes, you’re probably really hungry- so allow yourself a small snack. If the answer is no, your mind is playing games with you- you’re not really hungry- so drink water instead. When you mom suggests you could lose weight by drinking water- it’s not a farce. Since thirst often camouflages as hunger, using the apple trick can tell you when you really need food and when you need to keep yourself in check (and water is just about all you need!)

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Put a “mental red light” in place

When a friend asks for a business loan, you probably get back “after thinking” What happens when your mind asks for more food? Put a “mental pause button” in place. It is usually difficult to resist some black forest cake or a serving up of your favorite junkie, but stop to think- are you really hungry?

Try the junk food trick

Whenever you find yourself craving for junk food, try replacing it with healthier options that resemble the junk. For example, if your mind asks for chips, allow yourself some crispy kale chips or baked zucchini instead. Instead of cookies, try homemade granola; instead of ice-cream, try frozen Greek yogurt or a bowl of fruit-packed smoothie.

Visualize yourself eating

Instead of thinking about the pizza, imagine yourself eating the pizza. Visualizing you’re eating can make you less hungry when you’re actually faced with the food you’ve been craving for. Craving makes you hungrier, visualizing having eaten it actually pulls down your craving.

Don’t deny yourself all the time

When you deny yourself all the time, your craving in the mind may actually increase. You may actually picture more of what you crave mentally, making you more susceptible to succumb to temptations. Don’t do that. Instead allow yourself a healthy portion once in a while. For example, plan your junk food intake. Allow yourself to have some at the need of the day- so you won’t be craving for it all day long, because you know you will have it at day’s end. And if you feel like eating more at the end of the day, gently remind yourself you can have it again the next night, and the next and so on.

Keep a list of top 10 distractions ready

Keep a list of the top alternative “things-to-do” ready before craving creeps up. So, when you find your mind playing tricks on you, trick it in other activities like calling up a friend or painting our nails or taking your dog out for a walk etc.

Do NOT watch TV while eating

When you watch TV while eating, you are not able to appreciate the flavor or taste of your food, which keeps you unsatiated- so that you end up eating more. Do not sit to eat with the TV on.

Do NOT eat at your desk

On the same lines, when you’re in office- avoid binge eating at your desk. Many of you may have the habit of surfing the net, browsing shopping sites etc. as you binge eat at your desk and staring into your computer while eating has much the same effect as the TV at home.

Snack in calculated portions

As soon as you get back from the store, organize your snacks in little baggies, and then pick up a baggie when you’re hungry (or you feel you’re hungry!)- Instead of dipping your hand into a huge family pack of chips or other junk. Snacking in calculated portions can help you lose weight easily.

Lose weight motivation

Set your Smartphone to send you motivational messages every now and then- you need to drill the benefits of not hogging into your mind all the time.

If you use these mind techniques to lose weight, chances are you will be able to lose weight and keep it off for a longer time- it’s all about training your mind, your restraint muscles and your taste buds in a certain way through conscious effort!

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