10 lawn maintenance tips for evergreen lawn

Having greenery has become rare in this modern world due to increased number of apartments and industrialization everywhere. In this scenario having garden or for that matter few plants at home has become a distant dream for all of us. Don’t worry about the world that is becoming too small as it is sinking closer and closer day by day and start making maximum use of whatever place you have. Don’t leave place as such. Irrespective of the area, plant some sort of plants to increase greenery and also have peace of mind.

The best way to make use of small area for greenery is to grow a lawn. Here are few tips for you to follow with regards to growing new lawn and also with the already present lawn.

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•    Just growing a lawn in your open space is not enough you should be aware of when to water it. Many of us do the mistake of watering the lawn in evenings, which actually is of no use to it. The grass cannot absorb the water when the climate is cool and so the water stays for long time which eventually will spoil the grass present in the lawn. Even afternoons are not good for watering. As the temperature is peak high and this will force to water more than the required amount where you will land up wasting more water. The best way to water the lawn is around 7 to 8 in the morning where the climate is neither too cool nor too hot.

•    The easiest and effective lawn watering techniques is to use sprinklers to water the lawn. Using sprinklers will evenly spread the water throughout the lawn.

•    You should water daily in summer seasons and in winter season you should water every two days. In rainy seasons, it depends on the rain pattern.

•    When the grass in the lawn increases in height you should cut by using lawn cutter. Never do the mistake of plucking the grass.

•    Never cut the grass too short. Cut them to mid range and leave off the rest as such. This will magnify the looks of the lawn.

•    You should also not cut the grass as soon as you water.

•    Check whether the blades of the lawn mower and other implements used for cutting are in proper condition or not. Having cutters in good condition will make cutting easier for you and save your time apart from giving even look to a lawn.

•    The fertilizers you use make a hell lot difference. If you wish the grass and plants present in the lawn to grow well the fertilizer you use should suit the soil type. Ask agriculture experts before using fertilizers.

•    Soon after fertilizing, water the grass or else they get dried due to humidity of fertilizer.

•    Always dispose of the leaves and other garbage. This will give the lawn neat and clean look.

Follow all the above lawn care tips without fail for goodness and long life your lawn.

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