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Common Signs of Alcoholism

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6 Do’s and Don’ts for men‘s 2016 spring fashion

It is spring and it is time for the change and so dear fellow men it is also time for the change in dressing. Here are some tips for you on how should the spring season clothes are. Here we would like to share with you on what not to wear and what clothes to......

How to fry food for health


The topic of this article may seem quite odd but believe me it is going to be quite helpful. Especially for those who love to eat fried food but considering...

Common allergens to look out for


Allergens are objects present in environment that leads to allergic reaction by the body’s immune system. What, how many and what degree of allergic reaction these allergens trigger is different...

Pet owning and health benefits


Pets have been long credited of having developed the feelings of companionship and compassion amongst humans. The human and animal relationships are critical and unavoidable to a great extent. No...

Fitness tips for beginners


Fitness regimes for first beginners are always scary. One for the fact that something out of the way is starting for the planner and second they are not aware as...